Pretty, White Modern Farmhouses

The Hubs and I were recently discussing siding color ideas.  This is not going to happen anytime soon, but it sure is fun to dream for the time being…

For some reason white siding with black shutters refuse to leave my head.  The look is classic.  My amazing husband is not yet convinced.  Give it time.  Give it time…MUHAHA!!  

Now, let me tell you that our house looks nothing like a farmhouse.  It is a one story, yellow ranch with three large windows, a front door, and two bedroom windows off to the side.  In a straight flat line across the front of the house.  We were originally discussing adding peaks to the roofline, pushing out the front door, and adding cedar shake siding with some sort of stone.  I think we were both trying to make our house look like something it’s not!  Plus, I don’t think the pocketbook would appreciate us very much!!  YIKES!

So, then back to the idea of the Pretty, White Modern Farmhouse.  Like I said, our house is not a farmhouse, nor is it one of those houses with all the peaks, windows, and gorgeous front porch/entryway.  That being said, I envision our ranch with some of these ideas in these pictures;  white siding, black shutters, black window boxes (with beautiful red geraniums, perhaps?), an updated, white garage door with black accents, and an entryway that is more approachable.

Is this asking too much??  I think that Hubby of mine thinks I am nuts.  Once I start dreaming, I can’t wake up!







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